Ideal for a dedicated billiard room

With a table size of 9ft, you need sufficient space. It's important to ensure that you have 150 cm of space on each side of the billiard table against the wall. This allows for smooth and unrestricted movement. Such a table is ideal for a dedicated room designed for billiards. However, because our 9ft billiard tables can be converted into dining tables, they are also suitable for use in a large living or dining room.

From a 9 ft billiard table to a dining table in no time at all

A few simple steps are all it takes to convert the playing surface into a sturdy table top. Just place the three-part cover plate on the playing surface. This allows the table to serve as a practical addition to your furniture or as a conference table in the office. Dinner with friends or business discussions can be complemented with a relaxed game of billiards. Up to 14 people can comfortably sit at such a table.

We offer all our 9ft billiard tables with a slate playing surface, ensuring exceptional stability and reducing vibrations - essential for professional billiards

9ft billiard tables in our range

In our online billiard shop, you will find various 9ft billiard tables. The best part is that they can be customized to match your interior design. Choose from a selection of different wood and baize colors and create a table according to your taste. To ensure that you can start playing immediately, we deliver our billiard tables and have them professionally assembled and leveled by our experts.

We also have our billiard tables in the following sizes: