Buying a billiard table: right model for every purpose

Many people dream of having a billiard table in their own four walls: playing games with the family, practicing regularly to finally beat best friend or preparing for professional tournaments - and all of this without leaving the house. Does it sound tempting to you too? Then take a look around in our range. With us you can buy the right billiard table for every needs.

Billiard tables as individual as the players

For the best gaming experience, we offer you as much freedom of choice as possible. Put together the billiard table that suits you perfectly: Choose one of our models depending on the game type, size or design. You can also customize the billiard table by choosing between different types of wood or metal and even choose the color of the baize.

Billiard Tables by Game Type

We offer billiard tables for the three most popular game types: pool, snooker and carom.

Pool billiards

These are billiard tables usually found in pubs or billiard bars. When it comes to size, there is always a 2:1 ratio between length and width, and the table height is between 750 and 850 mm. The sizes and designs have been standardized by official associations.

Snooker tables


Billiard Tables by Size

Our billiard tables are available in different sizes. Therefore, they are sometimes also suitable for use in smaller rooms. The playing field is usually measured in English feet (ft). But below you will also find out how big the field is in cm. What you have to consider: The information only relates to the size of the playing field. The overall size of the table can definitely be larger; these can be found in the product description of individual models.

5 and 6 ft

These are the two small pool table variants. They are particularly suitable as a starter model. That doesn't mean you have to sacrifice gaming experience with a table of this size though: the 5ft table has smaller holes to ensure a degree of difficulty in potting the balls. A 5 ft table has a playing area of 160 x 80 cm, a 6 ft table - 182 x 91 cm.

7 ft

Billiard table of this size can be classified as a medium sized table. With a playing area of 198 x 99 cm, it is just a little bit smaller than a tournament table. Although it still fits perfectly into a slightly larger room, it is also suitable for ambitious players. This table is a terrific choice for practice purposes for tournaments.

8 and 9 ft

Billiard tables are only allowed in official (pool) tournaments from the size 8 ft. These specimens are therefore professional models. The playing field of an 8 ft billiard table is 224 x 112 cm, that of a 9 ft table is 254 x 127 cm.

Our billiard tables are primarily distinguished by their appealing design.

That's why they are ideal for use in apartments without compromising the living space's aesthetics. However, they not only look good but are also practical. In our shop, you can purchase billiard tables that can be easily converted into dining tables. This conversion is achieved by placing three-piece cover boards on the playing surface. Even easier are our patented rotating billiard tables, where the tabletop is simply flipped over. This can be done effortlessly and in just a few minutes. Our products are predominantly handcrafted using solid wood.

Buy billiard tables at Lissy

Regardless of size, model, or game type, you will certainly find the right billiard table in our online billiard shop. We recommend browsing through this category to find the suitable model for yourself.

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