The advantages of a 6ft billiard

A 6 ft billiard table provides passionate billiard players with the opportunity to pursue their passion within their own four walls. And you don't even need a dedicated room for it. In our shop, you will find billiard tables that blend aesthetically with your decor and, most importantly, are practical: you can convert them into a dining table.

Pool table and dining table in one

You can find 6 ft billiard tables that can be transformed into dining tables in two different versions. Firstly, we offer models where you can cover the playing surface with high-quality cover plates.

However, if you frequently switch between the functions of the table, a billiard table with a 360-degree rotating tabletop is more suitable. With the tabletop only connected to the frame construction at four points, the table can be transformed in seconds. This patented rotating billiard table model by Billard-Lissy is unique in the industry and definitely an eye-catcher.

A 6ft pool table for every occasion

With a playing surface of 182 cm x 91 cm, a 6 ft billiard table provides enough playing area while also offering sufficient space to be used as a dining table. Ten people can comfortably gather around a billiard table of this size without sacrificing legroom. Invite your friends and family for a meal together followed by a billiard tournament. Perhaps you can negotiate that the loser of the game does the dishes?

Our goal is not only to sell simple billiard tables but to offer pieces that seamlessly integrate into your furniture. As dining tables, they can accommodate many guests, while as billiard tables, they provide the best playing experience for both amateur and professional players.

Billiard-Lissy: quality and value in our 6ft range.

Our 6 ft billiard tables are made of solid wood and meet all common standards. They are also very robust and designed with a modern touch. Optionally, you can choose to have a slate playing surface installed in your billiard table, which is highly appreciated by professionals. In addition, we only work with high-quality materials such as rubber cushions and baize also used in professional billiards. Whether it's for your living room, office, or club, a 6 ft billiard table from Billard-Lissy always meets the requirements of its customers and offers functionality, design, and quality.

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