This is what sets our billiard/dining table constructions apart.

With all our billiard tables, we focus on high-quality craftsmanship using robust yet elegant materials. Most of our models are made of wood, but we also offer billiard tables with metal constructions. Since they should ideally complement your existing furniture as dining tables, our online billiard shop offers various designs: choose your preferred wood type or the color of the baize. Even with regular use as a dining table, our billiard tables are known for their durability.

From billiard table to dining table effortlessly

A wonderful feature of our billiard tables is that you don't immediately recognize them as such. Despite the solid construction and the high-quality materials, they look like a normal dining table. The conversion is very easy! Choose between two options:

Easily convert your billiard table into a dining table with a cover board. Simply place the wooden board over the playing surface, and you can invite your friends to a generous meal. It's even quicker with our patented rotating tabletops. From below, it's a billiard table; from the top, it's a dining table - or vice versa, depending on your needs.

Classic to modern - billiard tables in your style

Billiard tables for your dining room come in a variety of models and price ranges. With our products, we always want to fulfill the wishes of our customers. That's why we pay attention to high quality and attractive design. It doesn't matter whether you prefer it classic or modern: we offer the suitable billiard dining table for every interior design.

Billard-Lissy: We are We are here to assist you

If you need help or advice in choosing the perfect billiard table, we are at your disposal. In our showroom at Möhnesee, we have many popular models on display. Furthermore, you can view individual billiard tables at our local partners.