Space for the billiard table

Most of our billiard tables are currently displayed in living rooms, which often serve as dining tables as well. The optimal size for a dining table is 6ft or 7ft, which is why these are the most commonly chosen sizes. The goal is not to overcrowd the room. Consider chairs, furniture, and enough space to play comfortably.

You can see how much space you need for a billiard table here:

Access inside the house

Setting up a table on the ground floor is usually not a problem for all table sizes. If the delivery needs to be made to higher floors or basements, there must be sufficient space in the stairwell. The dimensions of the largest element must be taken into account.

In some cases, a furniture lift must be used. We have had very good experience with this solution. Please contact us for more information.

Delivery time

The delivery time is usually 8 weeks. Due to organizational and technical reasons, it may take one or two weeks longer in individual cases. The exact delivery time will always be stated in the order confirmation.

Tables that we can deliver faster can be found in the SALE category.


With every order, we require a deposit of 10%. The remaining amount is paid shortly before delivery.


Our billiard tables come with a two-year warranty.
As a manufacturer, our first priority is to replace any defective parts. Furthermore, we are available to our customers even after the warranty period.

Samples, catalogue

You can easily order wood and fabric samples online. The shipment of samples is free of charge for you. You can find the corresponding form HERE.

You can download our catalogue: HERE

Weight and mobility of a billiard table

We are often asked by our customers about the weight of our billiard tables.

A billiard table weighs between 150 and 400 kg. Our tables with a one-piece slate can usually be moved by 4 people. If you need to move the billiard table frequently, we recommend a table with wheels. This option is available for some models.

Dining table cover plate

We offer cover plates for our billiard tables, which consist of three parts. The plate also comes with wooden parts for the playing surface. These wooden elements prevent slipping, provide additional stability to the plate, and prevent sagging.

The cover plates can be leaned against the wall using a holder, or for an additional fee, we can install a holder under the table to store the plates. However, this option is not available for all models.

If you are concerned that liquid could damage the baize, we recommend placing foil under the plate.

In addition, you can find everything else related to billiard tables with us, including chairs, benches, and much more.