5 ft billiard tables in tournament quality

Choosing a small 5 ft billiard table doesn't mean you have to compromise. Each of our offered models is meticulously crafted with high-quality materials and can be equipped with a slate playing surface upon request. In addition, the cushions are made of rubber and the baize is always of the same standard as tournament tables

Easily transform a 5 ft billiard table into a dining table

One great advantage of our 5 ft billiard tables is that they can be easily transformed into dining tables with just a few simple steps. Being the same size as conventional dining tables, they fit perfectly into any room.

Once transformed, it's hard to tell that it's a billiard table. The surprise factor when removing the cover plates will leave a positive impression on your guests.

If you frequently switch between using it as a billiard table and a dining table, we recommend our rotating models. These are particularly flexible: one side features the 5 ft billiard playing field, while the other side has a sturdy and visually appealing tabletop. You just need to release four fixing points and then rotate the top 360 degrees.

Challenging gameplay and stylish furniture piece

The pockets on the 5 ft billiard tables are slightly smaller than those on tournament tables. This ensures that the game remains challenging despite the compact size and doesn't become boring.

At Billard-Lissy, you can find 5 ft billiard tables in various designs. You can choose the wood and cloth color yourself, allowing you to create a model that matches your individual decor.

With a billiard table of this size, you can't go wrong! It's compact and fits into any living room, can also be used as a dining table, and is cost-effective.

The playing surface of such a table measures 160 x 80 cm, but the overall dimensions of the table may be slightly larger.

5 ft billiard tables at Billard-Lissy

With us, you can get billiard tables that offer the highest quality and craftsmanship despite their small size. They are also eye-catching pieces in your living room, inviting you to enjoy game nights with friends and family.

With a 5 ft billiard table from Billard-Lissy you get a professional billiard table in a compact design.

If you're looking for a larger model, we also offer billiard tables in the following sizes.

In our online shop, you can configure your billiard table according to your preferences and order directly. We'll take care of the rest: assembling the table for you, so you can start playing right away. Start exploring now and get inspired.