8-ft Billiard tables: The game of professionals

Our 8ft billiard tables make a statement. They show: They show that you are not just a casual player but fully live the sport of billiards. With such a billiard table, you make no compromises. You can perfect the already high playing conditions by opting for a slate playing surface. Thanks to its increased weight, it provides incredible stability and minimizes vibrations that can negatively affect your game.

Space for many guests: Use 8-ft billiard tables as dining tables It is important to us that you can effectively utilize the space in your home. That's why we offer 8-ft models that can be easily transformed into dining tables. Billiard tables of this size can accommodate at least 14 people and provide ample legroom. As we offer a variety of designs, you will surely find one that matches your existing furniture. Moreover, the transformation is easy: simply cover the billiard table with the three-part cover plates when needed.

Buying 8-ft billiard tables at Lissy

Since 1993, Billard-Lissy has been building tournament-quality billiard tables using only the highest quality products. We also give you the opportunity to choose from different wood and cloth colors and customize your table. Our billiard tables are mostly handcrafted. Furthermore, you can be sure that your billiard table will be delivered professionally and assembled ready for play by our experts. An 8-ft billiard table from Billard-Lissy represents the highest quality and meets all tournament standards. Take a look at the different models and feel free to ask us any questions.

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