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Since 1993, Billard-Lissy has been manufacturing high-quality tournament-level billiard tables for private households. These tables differ from conventional billiard tables found in pubs, especially in one aspect: their unique design. If you have always dreamed of owning a billiard table in your own home, you are now closer to that dream than ever before. In our online shop, you will find billiard tables in a wide range of models, ensuring that there is the right one for you! We offer billiard tables in popular variations for pool, snooker, and carom billiards.

Billiard tables that suit your needs

It is important to us that you find a billiard table that fits your lifestyle. This means it must fit into your apartment, be integrable with your furniture style, and be of particularly high quality. Furthermore, we focus on practical solutions. Additionally, we allow you to customize the selected model: choose the size, wood type, or the color of the baize. With the appropriate billiard accessories, you can complete the composition of your individual billiard table.

Our billiard tables are made only from high-quality materials and are mostly handcrafted. Most models are made of solid wood and have a solid slate playing surface and rubber cushions. Ordering is easy, and the rest is even easier: we deliver your product to your home and assemble it on-site. This way, you can start enjoying the game immediately. It's a clear advantage when you order your equipment from our billiard shop.

Selection of our most popular billiard tables

A billiard table can offer so much more than just a game or two. Thanks our different designs, it is also an attractive piece of furniture - for almost every living situation. Our billiard tables are built on standard leg sizes, so your gaming experience will be tournament level.

We offer following sizes and designs:

  • 5 ft Billiard table
  • 6 ft Billiard table
  • 7 ft Billiard table
  • 8 ft Billiard table
  • 9 ft Billiard table
  • Billiard table dining table

    Not everyone has the opportunity to create a special billiard room ? but fortunately this is not necessary. We offer billiard tables that you can turn into a dining table in the wink of an eye. This saves space and above all is a special trick to surprise your visitors.

    Outdoor billiard table

    If you have a large terrace instead of a separate room, you can also place your billiard table here. In our shop you will find special outdoor billiard tables that can withstand the weather conditions. You can also turn this into a dining table and enrich every barbecue party with a small billiard tournament.

    Billiards Lissy - we are here to assist you throughout the entire buying process

    We will be happy to help you find a suitable billiard table and accessories. Thanks to decades of experience, we know how to advise you individually and stand by you from the moment you place your order through to delivery. After receiving your order, we will take care of the realization as soon as possible.

    The production and delivery of a billiard table takes about 8-10 weeks as we do not produce in advance. Each of our billiard tables is unique and often produced by hand. Our professional staff will take care of the quick and safe transport of your new piece of furniture and will set up your new billiard table at your home ready to play so that you can use it immediately. Take a look around our shop now and order online, on the spot or by phone.