Modern billiard tables & billiard table construction - our specialty since 1993

With our decades of experience in billiard table construction, we can offer you meticulously planned and handmade billiard tables down to the last detail. At Billard-Lissy, we assume that you only want to acquire one billiard table in your lifetime. Therefore, we focus on high quality and a timeless design. Based on our experience, we can say that the durability of our billiard tables is extremely high, making them suitable for households with children.

High-quality end product: Design billiard tables for every room

Most parts of our billiard tables are made of solid wood. For some models, we also use a metal construction to create an exceptional design. Whether you want to showcase your billiard table in a recreation room or in your living room is up to you. In our online billiard table shop, we offer tables in contemporary designs and customized solutions tailored to your needs, such as an outdoor table for your terrace.

Convert billiard tables into a modern dining table

Some of our billiard table models can be ideally used as dining tables. A three-piece cover plate protects the playing field. After playing billiards, the solid wood panels can be placed on the table. Each panel weighs approximately 12 kilograms and can be stored in a holder under the billiard table. Alternatively, wall brackets are also available. If you want to switch frequently between the two functions, one of our rotating models is suitable. The table tops of the BL-180 series can be easily rotated 360 degrees as needed, allowing you to effortlessly switch between a billiard table and a dining table.

Modern billiard tables tailored to you

To cater to your personal taste with a modern billiard table, we offer a variety of models. With appealing designs in different styles, you will find a table that matches your decor. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of colors and sizes. The wood, usually beech or oak, is stained in different colors. You can also select the appropriate baize. This provides many options for customizing your billiard table.

If you want to enhance your home with a contemporary billiard table, we are happy to provide advisory support. You can have a catalog, wood samples, and fabric samples conveniently sent to your home. Furthermore, we have a showroom where many current models are displayed. It is located at Lake Möhne in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Simply order your billiard table in a modern design online! After that, you will need to wait 6-8 weeks. This is because each table is built according to individual customer preferences and is only produced on demand. The majority of the production is done by hand, resulting in high-quality craftsmanship. We take care of the transportation, and you don't have to worry about the assembly either: We ensure that you can start playing billiards as quickly as possible.