Billiard table: How do I find the perfect size?

However, the measurement refers only to the playing surface. Depending on the chosen model, the overall size of the table may vary. Therefore, it is important to also pay attention to the corresponding dimensions. The length of the table is always in a 2:1 ratio to the width.

As a quick reference: 1 foot equals 30.48 cm.

Let us now provide you with a more detailed overview of the exact sizes of the different playing surfaces.

The most important rule when setting up a billiard table: There should be a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between the table and the nearest wall from all sides. This ensures uninterrupted gameplay without constantly bumping with the cue.

What sizes of billiard tables are available?

In our billiard shop, we offer billiard tables in the most common sizes. To give you a brief overview, let's summarize them below.

Small table for limited space: 5 ft and 6 ft billiard tables

Not everyone has enough space in their home for a dedicated billiard room. However, 5 ft or 6 ft tables can be easily integrated into the furnishings of the dining or living room. This allows you to bring a compact version of billiards to your home. A smaller billiard table is especially suitable as an entry-level model, but it doesn't mean that regular players will get bored with this size. The 5 ft table has smaller pockets to maintain the level of difficulty.

The playing surface of a 5 ft table is 160 cm x 80 cm, and for a 6 ft model, it is 182 cm x 91 cm.

The medium-sized 7 ft billiard table

A 7 ft billiard table is considered a medium-sized model. Although slightly smaller than standard models, it is still suitable for ambitious players to prepare for tournaments.

Our 7ft billiard tables have a playing surface of 198cm x 99cm.

Professional tables for your home: 8 ft and 9 ft billiard tables

In professional tournaments, only 8 ft or 9 ft billiard tables are used. In pool billiards, the 8 ft table is considered the minimum size for championships.

8 ft corresponds to a size of 224 cm x 112 cm, and for 9 ft models, the playing field is 254 cm x 127 cm.

Special billiard tables in selected sizes

The billiard table range from Lissy stands out not only for its high quality but also for its functionality. Our goal is to enable as many people as possible to pursue their hobby within their own four walls. That's why we develop billiard tables that can be easily transformed into dining tables with a few simple steps. For this purpose, you will find our patented rotating billiard tables, for example. Save space by transforming your table whenever you need it for a specific purpose. These practical models are available in sizes 5 ft, 6 ft, and 7 ft.

If you don't want to place the billiard table inside your home, perhaps an outdoor version is the right choice for you. Our weather-resistant outdoor billiard tables are available in the 7 ft size.

Billiard tables of various sizes from Billard-Lissy

Not every billiard table model is available in every size. This is mainly because we strive to ensure that the size and functionality of our tables harmonize with each other. Feel free to browse through the range of our online billiard shop. If you already have a billiard table, you may be interested in purchasing cues or billiard balls from us. We are here to support you with any questions you may have.