There is a suitable billiard table for everyone.

With our range of 7-ft billiard tables, we offer you a pleasant gaming experience in the comfort of your own home. We provide not only different models but also the option to customize them according to your preferences. For example, you can choose from various wood and baize colors.

Additionally, you can equip your table with a slate playing surface. This makes the table heavier and reduces vibrations, making it suitable for professional game standards.

Regardless of the configuration you choose, we guarantee you the best quality. All components are professionally crafted. Furthermore, our billiard tables are delivered and assembled on-site by experts.

Using a 7-ft billiard table as a dining table? No problem!

With a playing surface of 198 cm x 99 cm, the 7-ft models from Billard-Lissy are considered large billiard tables for home use. By placing special cover plates, you can quickly transform it into a large dining table that can accommodate at least twelve people.

It's even easier with our rotating billiard table BL-180. Simply detach the tabletop from the frame and rotate it 360 degrees to switch between the different functions. One advantage of these tables is that they provide ample legroom since they are higher than typical dining tables. Matching chairs can be found in the Chairs and Benches category..

7-ft billiard tables at Billard-Lissy – and more

In our online shop, you will find a selection of 7-ft billiard tables. Our products always prioritize high-quality and practicality for use in your apartment. Choose between models that don't immediately resemble billiard tables or classic designs. Additionally, we offer you the option to customize your chosen piece.

If a 7-foot billiard table seems too large for you, we also have other sizes. Feel free to explore the corresponding categories: