Convertible billiard tables: BL-180 Metal and BL-180 Wood

Practical and high-quality: the highest billiard quality for your home

If you choose one of our rotating models, you are also choosing high-end sports equipment. All our billiard tables are based on international tournament standards and are planned and built accordingly. Our rotating billiard tables come with a slate plate as standard, ensuring sufficient weight and stability, but also an unmistakable playing experience. We also use highly professional rubber cushions and baize.

Rotating billiard table: from playing fun to cozy dining

As dining tables, our convertible models are characterized above all by their large amount of space. They offer plenty of legroom and are slightly wider than standard models..

After the meal, you can amaze your guests: quickly flip the table top over and challenge your friends to exciting billiard duels.

Our rotating billiard tables are very modern in design, but still fit well into any living room. They do not appear too dominant and can be precisely adapted to the rest of your furnishings thanks to the many customization options.

Billard-Lissy: Your specialist for rotating billiard tables

Rotating billiard tables are the ultimate for anyone who plays billiards frequently and would like to have fun at home too. This saves you space, and you can also use the table when you're not playing billiards - and not just as a dining table.

You can also use the converted billiard tables in the office as a conference table. With a model from the BL-180 series by Billard Lissy, you can bring the best of both worlds into your home.