About Us

Dear Billiard Enthusiasts,

Since 1993, our family business has been dedicated to crafting billiard tables specifically tailored for home use. The majority of our offerings today are for the domestic living area. A pool table, often the centerpiece of a room, should fulfill high standards: contemporary design that complements modern interiors, solid wood in various shades, combined with stainless steel and glass, ensures the table not only fits seamlessly into your living space but also enhances its appeal.

We've paid careful attention to a functional dining table feature in our designs. By simply placing a cover, most of our billiard tables easily transform into a full-sized dining table that can accommodate up to twelve guests. This way, practicality meets entertainment for the entire family.

Perhaps your goal is to practice regularly to become a skilled player, or maybe you envision hosting your closest friends for shared games and quality time. Perhaps you want to unwind with a game at the end of the day or enjoy solitary play, letting your mind wander and sparking creativity all of this encapsulates the essence of billiards.

Each of our billiard tables, whether styled as a sleek furniture piece, a dining table, or a conference table, is a top-tier tournament table, compliant with the international WPBA (World Pool Billiard Association) standards.

We aim to showcase that billiards is not just a game but a social experience, especially within the confines of one's home. It's a unique living pleasure, where quality, design, and individuality converge impressively.

The Lissy Family

A billiard table in your home - for an unparalleled living experience!