Outdoor billiard table: Can it really withstand the weather?

By combining weather-resistant woods and a corrosion-resistant metal construction, our outdoor billiard tables are excellently protected against temperature fluctuations and moisture. They can even remain outside during the autumn and winter. To guarantee optimal and comprehensive protection for the playing surface and cover plates, you will receive a weatherproof cover. It protects the billiard table from heavy rain and weather conditions. While it is not mandatory, we still recommend placing the billiard table under a shelter.

Billiard table or dining table? Both!

In addition to their durability, our weatherproof billiard tables impress with modern design and high-quality craftsmanship. But they can do even more: Thanks to the three-piece cover plate, you can quickly transform the billiard table into a large outdoor dining table. The playing surface is protected, and the table can be used for barbecue parties or cozy evenings outdoors. With its 7-foot size, the outdoor billiard table provides plenty of legroom and space for up to 14 people.

The advantages of an outdoor billiard table

When you choose one of our tables for outdoor use, you get a billiard table made in tournament format. This allows professional players to practice their billiards skills outdoors as well. Additionally, our billiard tables are equipped with a slate playing surface and professional rubber cushions. The special outdoor baize from Simonis is also UV-resistant. We make billiards a truly special experience. By being able to pursue your hobby outdoors, it becomes a relaxed leisure activity right on your terrace. Your next garden party will be guaranteed to be a special delight with an outdoor billiard table.

Billard-Lissy: High-quality billiard tables for indoor and outdoor use.

An outdoor billiard table by Billard-Lissy is the perfect alternative if you don't have enough space in the living room. Because of its weather resistance and high quality, you don't have to worry about it enduring rain or sun. The fact that you can easily transform it into a patio table makes it practical for barbecue parties or other occasions where you invite many guests. It certainly doesn't compromise on playing quality: Even experienced players will enjoy it.

Prefer to use your billiard table indoors? Of course, we also offer various indoor models. Feel free to browse the entire category of billiard tables.