Billiard table BL-180 WOOD

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Billiard table size
Playing surface: 160 cm x 80 cm
Playing surface: 182 cm x 91 cm
Playing surface: 198 cm x 99 cm
Billiard cloth Iwan Simonis
Cloth in YELLOW GREEN by Iwan Simonis
Cloth in BLUE GREEN by Iwan Simonis
+150.00 €
Cloth in APPLE GREEN by Iwan Simonis
+150.00 €
Cloth in ENGLISH GREEN by Iwan Simonis
+150.00 €
Cloth in SPRUCE by Iwan Simonis
+150.00 €
Cloth in ROYAL BLUE by Iwan Simonis
+150.00 €
Cloth in MARINE BLUE by Iwan Simonis
+150.00 €
Cloth in ELECTRIC BLUE by Iwan Simonis
+150.00 €
Cloth in TOURNAMENT BLUE by Iwan Simonis
+150.00 €
Cloth in FUCHSIA by Iwan Simonis
+150.00 €
Cloth in RED by Iwan Simonis
+150.00 €
Cloth in BURGUNDY by Iwan Simonis
Cloth in WINE by Iwan Simonis
+150.00 €
Cloth in CAMEL by Iwan Simonis
Cloth in GOLD by Iwan Simonis
+150.00 €
Cloth in GREY by Iwan Simonis
Cloth in BLACK by Iwan Simonis
+150.00 €
Cloth in SLATE GRAY by Iwan Simonis
+150.00 €
Cloth in SHARK GRAY by Iwan Simonis
wood tone
B 00 - natural beech with varnish
B 04 - Lightly stained and varnished walnut beech
B 05 Beech cognac stained and lacquered
D 00 Oak natural lacquered
+703.50 €
D 05 - Cognac oak
+703.50 €
D 04 Light oak nut
+703.50 €
FIDT B0G - Oiled beech
FIDT D0G - oiled oak
+703.50 €
FID D01 - white waxed oak
+703.50 €
FID D08 - dark waxed oak
+703.50 €
Leather corner pockets
Without leather corner pockets
With leather corner pockets
+250.00 €
4690 Price for 1 pc.
Price incl. VAT without Costs of shipment
Delivery time: 2 months

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Customers´ opinion (7)
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BL-180 WOOD: The world's first professional billiard table with a rotating tabletop

Innovation is a big word, but the BL-180 WOOD billiard table is exactly that: innovative.
For over 30 years, we have been manufacturing billiard tables for home use and know that our customers value the versatility of our billiard tables the most.
With a simple maneuver, a billiard table becomes a stylish dining table. We have reimagined this concept and developed and patented the world's first billiard table with a rotating tabletop.

The great challenge is that such a table must not only be functional and easy to use but also aesthetically pleasing and convincing in terms of gameplay.
After years of conception and development, the new BL-180 billiard-dining table was born. On one side, it is a solid billiard table with a slate playing surface without compromises. On the other side, by releasing the four contact points, you can effortlessly rotate the tabletop 180 degrees, transforming it into an elegant dining table.
Our quick-change artist BL-180 is available in 5-, 6-, and 7-foot sizes, accommodating up to 12 people. Thus, it is also wonderful as a conference table.

The elegant solution of effortlessly swiveling the tabletop around its own axis allows for spontaneous billiard rounds in your home for the first time. No cover plates or fumbling around required. The billiard table has a classic, timeless design. Combined with high-quality materials and craftsmanship with decades of experience, it becomes a durable piece of furniture that will undoubtedly become the new centerpiece of your home.
The supporting structure is made of solid wood. In combination with the frame and baize available in various color tones, the billiard table can be customized to match your interior style.

Billiard table size:
5 ft - outer dimensions: 210 cm x 121 cm, playing surface: 160 cm x 80 cm, weight: 230 kg
6 ft - outer dimensions: 234 cm x 133 cm, playing surface: 182 cm x 91 cm, weight: 280 kg
7 ft - outer dimensions: 251 cm x 141 cm, playing surface: 198 cm x 99 cm, weight: 300 kg

Table height cover plate: 76 cm
Leg clearance: 66 cm

  • Billard-Lissy assembly with online support - Your billiard table delivered by shipping and self-assembled. Having a billiard table in your own home is now even easier than before because you can also assemble it yourself. We deliver the billiard table to your home by shipping, and the assembly is done by you as the customer. Our long-standing experience allows us to prepare and pack the billiard tables optimally for shipping. We provide you with assembly instructions, video materials, and a personal contact person. Our experienced installers are available to assist you throughout the assembly process via phone or video call if needed. The assembly of our billiard tables is as simple as traditional furniture assembly. Since the slate and billiard rails are already covered, you only need two hours of time and ideally four people for the assembly.
  • Various sizes available
  • High-quality solid wood made of beech, oak or ash
  • Various color combinations available
  • Tournament-quality billiard table
  • Professional baize by Iwan Simonis
  • One-piece slate from Italy
  • Rotating / turning table
  • Convertible by rotating into a conference table or dining table
  • Family business with in-house production since 1993
  • Wood and fabric samples can be requested free of charge
  • 2-year warranty and personalized customer service